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Letterland Classroom Pack

  • £269.99

The complete Letterland Classroom Pack is perfect for teaching children to read, write and spell confidently. The wide range of teaching resources will help you cover the alphabet and essential spelling patterns for all 44 sounds of the English language. All products come in a bright box for easy storage.

Pack includes:

  • Phonics Teacher’s Guide, 
  • Class Train Frieze, 
  • Action Tricks Poster, 
  • Vowel Scene Posters,
  • Picture Code Cards (straight), 
  • Vocabulary Cards, 
  • Alphabet Songs (CD), 
  • Handwriting Songs (CD), 
  • ABC book, 
  • Beyond ABC book, 
  • Far Beyond ABC book, 
  • Blends & Digraphs Songs (CD), 
  • Story Phonics (software), 
  • Blends & Digraphs Copymasters, 
  • Word Bank Copymasters.

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