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Fix-it Phonics - Level 1 - Software

  • £34.99

Join the Letterlanders and learn English with this interactive software that brings the Fix-it Phonics programme to life.

Stories: Watch the characters come to life!

Sounds: Listen to alphabet sounds & learn key vocabulary.

Songs: Sing along with the Letterlanders.

Shapes: Watch how the letter shapes are formed.

Games: Play games and keep a track of your results.

Word building: Start to build whole words.

System requirements: S‍‍‍oftware can be installed on a PC (Windows XP and above) or Mac (OSX 10.6 and above). They are‍‍‍ protected by a Product Key which can be found on the CD-ROM. During installation you will be asked to register and activate your Product Key which requires an internet connection

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